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Much consideration has been given on how to format Smelling Mary to best facilitate the practitioner’s appreciation of the many interconnectivities possible in a Hinge environment. Designing a separate “amalgam” section waxed static and disingenuous to the Hinge Spirit. In contradistinction, guiding the explorer (reader) through some CPR’s (Circulating Pulmonary Rotators) offers sufficient instruction for the undertaking of adventures uncontaminated by an imposed prepackaging, thus preserving the integrity and vitality of the material and its intrinsic living lingual kinesis. To exact a turn of phrase: “No more dead poetry ...” Hinge, by its nature, has as little to do with traditional school poetry as it does with speechwriting for myopian pedants. Hinge embodies inherent reproductive expansion, always projecting forth from its wellspring of potentialities, inviting infinite progression, revealing wide vistas of intimate understanding for the communication of language itself. Hinge is musical, visual, memetically spatial, with new Hinge language modules in those disciplines in development — for example, the visual content of Smelling Mary. Hinge is not only linear direct, it is robust, expanding architecturally to complete itself through connections with other components of the Hinge Universe. Hinge engenders and perpetuates the matrices of language; it is the matrices of language revealed, to be revealed.

Following, we identify co-synergies springing from the three principal Hinge Modules employed in Smelling Mary: “with,” “smelling,” and “the road to __road.” Embedding modules within modules (“withs” within “smellings” and “smellings” within “roads” and “roads” within “withs,” etc.) creates a multiplying complex of consequential transfers, as rambunctious internal explosive devices (IED’s). This does not imply that other minglings, stirrings, and gasps do not exist — those that follow are merely exemplary initiations.

with hilarity [application] > [rotates to] the road to aptly road, with calumny, with adjutancy, with alembic

[Note: An example of a “propagatory” that has been formalized into a Hinge Module particle is “holy” arising in line 9 of “with hilarity.” It would be natural (reflexive) for the enlivened practitioner to be drawn to the word, want to sniff around the word, even want to travel to the word — such a practitioner is guided to visit the Table of Modules to surmise if “holy” has been Hinged, and, sure enough, there it is, beckoning ... “the road to holy road.” Certainly many curiosities have yet to blossom; the creator encourages the restless to “do the Hinge,” or, for the less animated, await the next volume.]

with terms > with end of life care
the road to aptly road > with horizon
with horizon > with roam (not formalized, but implicated)
with mermaid > smelling electrically
the road to imponderable road > smelling mary, smelling Monk,
smelling Monk > with insinuation, with roam, the road to resolute road, with resolution

[Note: Another cross sectional functioning occurs when we submit the same orientation center (the particle) to differing mechanisms. For example, we have novelty exfoliating from three differing terroirs (with, smelling, the road to __ road) fructifying the palette with pleasing varietal clusters.]

the road to novelty road > smelling monk, smelling Hillary, with initiative
smelling novelty > the road to lachrymose road

There is virtually no component of Hinge that does not yearn for intercourse, or explode with seminal authority. As with pi, vital language has taken on the elements of eternity.

Throughout the ongoing invention of Hinge, we learned to our continual astonishment that we are dealing with a very erotic universe.

[Heller Levinson and Michael Annis]


hilarity, ...               remorse
calumny               adjutancy               alembic
the calculus unremitting & curly
landfills purring fortifying credit
stoppage on a par with demonstration the King is dead
distribute wake-up calls democratically
arousal is intersection spiced with anticipation
the time to repea(n)t is when graciousness steals bases umpires storm the fields in holy garb rant for conclusivity
interference the penalty box diameter insufficient
the road to no road aptly

the road to aptly road

prescience               brake repair the sole remaining civilized act
suspension, there’s the rub
suspend: above, to hang by attachment,
... — belly road               dangle
abeyance in abeyance withhold
              suspension (insertional eurekas
road napery               advance reservations
with consideration               steer
navigate               circumambulate               rotate
the road to rotational road
a thesis on the nature of revolution
the nature of road               with
horizon roam
roam the road bravely
revolving wheel               revolving road
              aptly road
rotational brevity & the exquisites of enlargement
shotgun & a pocket full of shell

the road to holy road

sacredness               circuitry
to spill into the envelope of holy
                                                        (arousal’s concubine
A-strings on fire
spun coincidentals
scouting absence in the dish towel
counting the exits in cessation
where contiguity shades into analogy & metonymy morphs into metaphor & synecdoche scrambles suggestion the hegemonic solution is a slow burning intercourse
upon the lingual mattress
the road is both low & high
circuitous & straight
the road is both perilous & safe
the command
is to ascend
in combinatorial seepage


calumny, ...               fallout
dispute               acrimonial cahoot
agglutinate smear
boots shellac base bruise heliotropic shrugs
the volute of our cantankerous misgivings
midsummer’s pathogen
dribbling the omnibus
oleaginous smear
the meander up for grabs
shoulders semaphore


adjutancy, ...
testudinal dismissals
flesh layering rich strips of interval
dispatch those ceremonies that surrender us
boast fugitives parking without meter

discovery = savour
caravels crabbed with complacency luff ambrosial broths
amphitheaters empty of monarchy
light analyzed as supine


alembic posing as
diurnal proxy &
the séance of Anaxagoras plagiarizing repeat signs
does it feel like Insight
has you by the coaxial


horizon,               roam
to roam is to disappear
‘When the horizon disappears, what then appears is the horizon of disappearance.’
white blood collects overdue brooms the chowder gardens dials chromosome weep
the last page along the roadside reads of old oaks crowing with the awk of virile sea lions
a dune is a vertical centerpiece declaring nudity
going down the road lightly encounters sobriety holding a conference in the middle of knife
are you happy
to roam is to appear
snow follow you


roam, ...               calypso
algae,               furring
smelling Monk
& then
friendly in the dairy shelving
finning the mesmeric mermaid wake
on the road to resolute road
the untangling               barley & hops
tangos stalky & refined
yet culpable
worth along the way


terms, ...               proposals
propositions windmilling
allocative dispositions velocity bending
voices paired and dissipative
failed lollipoppers
blessings turniped patched & resubmitted as earthenware
the lark that larks a lark
the lark a lark to lark
to avoid providentiality we lay bare
in search of the
promissory interceptors


End of Life Care, ...               dismissals
arbitration                             prolong-ing
Desolate the neighbor
extensionality shri(eking)nking
cavitous magma
an alarm that settles, then
a new topography


mermaid, ...               finning
the suppling mesmeric
              liquidity wake
smelling electrically leviathan tails silhouette the shoreline
platters of merriment guise taper-whip
to follow Mermaid Tail is to be encouraged
to sink
sweet submergence
something there is that loves a tail
sprite, flippy, ... whim-si-Cal-ity
trawling hirsute bloomfields calibrate
suction sweet zone whorl swirl spiflicated lungy crucifixions
torso pliant, manageable, ... squishy
below, tegular crystal, -- capable, rebuke-Able, launch-Able, Dar-ing, a slapping
slippery seductress

In Frederick Leighton’s “The Fisherman and the Syren,” the fisherman is hooked. He is morsel, he is tail-tied, gripped by the tender sirloin he will undergo unprepared-for excruciations, ... he will be swallowed ... absorbed.

Hybridity pedals transference. Property interminglements. Disclosures race. The hybrid in its eco-clash, its torsionanl topo-skin, -- rashes — an inexplicable electro-marvel charged with animistic colli(u)sions. Human & animal in homomorphic concert.

slickly the succubi pool invitations
the road to slick road
urge to glide          splurge with slide ride runners giddy sled merrily merrily chide the chary

she excites
she invites
she slurps
she issues

smelling electrically

dervish fest               equinoctial rains
              signal lapse               & lure
the recalcitrance of source
the firmament toothy               assessing
collisional angles ion-positron                             formulating
cunninlingual geometries               collusionally
concurring occurences se(a)emlessly               staticity
alerts broom the medley melodious palisander rowellings
electro-colloidal rhumba pulse gyrationals the hips the harbor
harboring stately steadfast
in the wing
prosperous with telltale

the road to imponderable road

smelling mary               smelling Monk
routing               retooling               flagging directives
eschatological prunings
where your destruction is interest bearing &
the begun is the beginning of the undone to be
surreptitious compression
drilling for speculation in the ponderable fields
penalties for early withdrawal

smelling mary

agglomeration trespasses … a landscape decking
the flags flagellant with wind
a remote sea village
the lanyards co-linking
a cut-off          a cut-up
a foreskin pertaining to still lifes
drowsily the brush fire
musings pore rumbling
paucity & pagination
watercolors migrate

smelling Monk

ganglion frieze stream clop
lumber lank ladder pelvic roam
                                                        praline perfoliate ravenous cavern twirl
solar juleps snowball rhapsodies rock
rinse line dry
              peaches trampoline maze
amazing zany zither plough brow
trowel the road to holy road
with insinuation roam
the road


insinuation, ... nuance
g(s)lide               the catapult
throning               to
spring               novelty               palomino
curvatures                             stun
convexities               arousal pits
homocercal symmetries
squid festoons ://: roam mollusk
combinatory bonanzas
in the depositories of tale
lurch formations
periscope heed

the road to resolute road

radicals reconciled               (reproach)
vertebrae crunched allocative
calcium sounding
in the wings the masted country, the allegories
halted, diseases examined, laid to rest
upwelling congregations displace conjure
hummeryhopping membracidae large in the jaw
landslides expropriated


resolution, ...               compromise
resolve               components
quiescence               the road to
clear road          dormitory
scramble tern storm nutrients
radical politesse
focus               bringing into
to in focus

the road to novelty road

tracery shut down               logarhythmic shift
                                          cursor hiccups
raid runnery raucous railings
smelling Monk               with
initiative               the causeways girdling
smelling Hillary
trump star gazing privilege a sensitive mathematics
quotations dissolve in the milkweed odorous splendiferous
ferret to survive fresh brought water necklaces
watercoloring by the bank
the yellow rowboats

smelling Hillary

the tissue fibers radioactive loopy with
stockings crater offal
do you have a foot planted on each coast your feminine
drip polishing the Midwest
can you count the umbrellas in your hair
do posses spray from your lavatorials
plugged with alternating vipers
which breeze do you prefer
do poems enter you while boating
if I were a harbinger could
I calculate your ruptures


initiative, ...               roam
capillary perplexity pulmonary capacious capsize rock aright angst traps digit curly manifestations quick time infestations tap slow time low moan roam loam time over Ohio tonight time release time be convict time have time for time between the suspirant interstitial
pounce-nots? flounce-it? pronounce renounce bounce gurgitate the gratisatisfactory, ...
peel to the mytho-poesie-aggrandizing confabulatory
arrondissement & side stepping dogshit requires initiative
saying “I do” requires initiative’
saying “I don’t requires initiative
when imperiled
initiate initiative

smelling novelty

robust               fervor               to lead &
crucifixion bylines crucifixion crux crucifixion strickening
unheralded ceremonial invitations bespeak cataclysmic rumble rowel syrup craw
root usurp veinous azimuth
Paracelsus booted homeless
Galileo incarcerated
dream hexagonal kinship marauders in madras
triumphal gallops trust the saddle
clavichord keynote speaker
the road to lachrymose road
prayer is
solemnity compass

the road to lachrymose road

ductful               Dungeness               trebuchet
so that those evidences remain evidences
percolatives uneasy yet fierce platter the marrow
fastening to & being fastened alternate fascinations
benzine rinsings resuscitate an unmangled Dionysus
the mariner enjoys the sea he
enjoys its roll, its placidity, its proclivity
to anger, the distance from shore with
their shore-numb stases their sure footed
proclamations their guffaws & laws
the mariner sees
in the eye of the sea

Note: The fifth line, beginning with benzine and ending with Dionysus, was influenced by language found in Hart Crane’s poem, “Lachrymae Christi.”

The selection is from the book Smelling Mary, published by Howling Dog Press in 2008.
More info on this project at howlingdogpress.com.
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