Anthony Seidman
Simmering Spiders

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incinerating in the amnesia of plasma
and carbon mistaken for the terrestrial

I blossom like
brown recluse spider from silk egg sack
into a blue atmosphere

but my native venom
from another sphere & sun

at times
I perceive
this arriviste original
in the ark of elephant’s chest
in the pliable vowel of vegetation or
Pre-Cambrian bone howling in tar & oil

at times
I recognize
my weight odor and breath
in the tang of iron-oxide
in the shadow pausing
before following the gait of
passing banker butcher or lecher
burping his diurnal yolk

verily I see
the faults tearing
crows cawing the algebra of dust
and the sulfuric punning of propaganda & genocide statistics

thus, I am a foreign strand of DNA
and an aperture between two sinews in a meat slab

I am the eye rolling towards you, afire


With Francis Bacon
life-pulse is battery

bodily fluids gone awry
seepage of sourness
thru cheese-cloth

flesh burns
teeth flash like the snarling
muzzle of a chained guard-dog

in a drawing room
the suitor strips
writhes with his double

they wrestle
sinews taut
pores oozing hunger
nostrils sniffing
sugar and decay in red air and

meat perfume
on tongues which flicker

their limbs



You whose hands are plumes of sulfur
Whose fingers press rivers of arsenic in wax-sealed mandates
Whose eye sockets contain orbs of bacterial aspic
Whose teeth dribble the distorted lexicon of the vulgate
Whose patriarchy is a cave of spiders
Whose loathing simmers in the milk of hypocrisy
Whose mercy is the locked ghetto
Whose benevolence would stitch foreskins to the circumcised

By forestalling the masses and
Their worship of the blood libel
With an edict of tolerance so that

The Jew would subsist on your electuary
Of acrid charity
Would drink from your teats dribbling vinegar
Would rest on a throne of thorns

His tenuous safety
Poisoned by spectral crime he didn’t commit


Across the canvas of night, black
monoliths slow-

ly lumbering, scarlet spindrift and
conflagration of liquor

itch of insomnia
trigger’s click

(plucked bass string on
guitar reverberating like nerves during fever)

beneath the splutter of fireworks & agitated moon
the cacique

with rosy gunshots


when the Banker regurgitates
a pound of gristle
a coin of chilled marrow
an ingot of congealed fat

when he shivers
and vomits bile

and crows develop
a keenness for human meat

when the billboards and towers burn
and the Banker chokes
on the last of decent and
renewable resources: oxygen,

as well as clouds and precipitation and
the torrid chemistry of trout pushing upstream
not to mention the lungs in a poem or the growth of whiskers and decay of leaves

that moment of reckoning
that lull between two thunderbolts
that hiatus when the river stands up before plunging into the estuary

what unbridled fire
will take up residence in the fist of a man who knows only
the verb of a machete’s strike?


the ancient bride who folded back the sheets
still awaits the groom

has just turned the age
when the column no longer supports the beam

her veil the color of a leaf
trapped beneath a pane of ice

her hair brittle like the page
detailing a long-expired lease

her skin an unbroken
chain of ash from a cigarette left to smolder

and her eyes

their gaze is like
what ripples across a dark pond
mistaken for the flit of fish or gnat

the groom who lags
like a gust which has yet to swell a sail

the ancient bride has sunken into her pillows
her boney jaw slack and smiling

she is pregnant
with an absence like the sugar
in a pitcher full of milk turned sour


              In the microscopic is the macroscopic.

There is a spider whose legs stretch
from galaxy to galaxy
whose chelicerae thunder as they
open and release
solar winds & ultraviolet rays

Spider plucks one web-thread and
emits distress calls from one pulsar
to another crackling in the emptiness
like that between synapses
in a man’s nerve-net

Spider’s breathing rumbles
silently as comets strafing the sulfurous-pearly atmosphere of Venus

One spider follicle extends from the hydrogen core
in Red Giant 10,000 light years from your sleep
to furthest clusters of stars flickering like
flurry of confetti & sparks
after carnival fireworks

Spider’s pedipalps
are so vast they can't be seen
the way air can’t be seen for its transparency
and have been forever dripping
emptiness that congeals within matter

The other end of this spider is the uncharted Center
from which She excretes a dark stream of eggs

From each one
hatches a myriad spiders that expel their own quasars &
galaxies from which other spiders crawl out
chelicerae opening and releasing
nebulae and solar winds

On a fragment of spider's ejecta is where you nest and breathe
not knowing that you too are incubating another spider

This material is © Anthony Seidman
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