Heller Levinson & Linda Lynch bowl arachnid spool thread // Large Empty Drawing

alligatorzine | zine

(hinging Linda Lynch’s “large empty drawing”


shape         contour

                           geometrical mist

cymbals terraced imbricative pools

shoals                                        (( slope*-filings

emblazoned disci

saucers sorcering

bearing:  sage


                the dreams you wish for

                the dreams you repent

spooling evocations

                                    invitations harnessed to:

scent discriminatories                      lapidarian beguilement

                          roaming perpetual quiver



lapping Cezanne’s “Rocks at L’Estaque”

are rocks ever far from the sea?

are rocks the sea’s speech?


hopscotching infinity pools wand buttercup locket clasp


cognition recycling yokes the lob-to in anachronistic sidle


emptiness:  replete reconciliation


alabaster quoting bronze



*Slope invites Slide.  Slide initializes Slippage.  Thrones slooping in Ascensional Unrest spool threads of Uploading Buoyancies.


Text © Heller Levinson / Artwork © Linda Lynch
www.alligatorzine.be | © alligator 2012