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Heller Levinson & Linda Lynch Karst

volatility-lash               squa(ll)wk-swell
parcel array tributarial teem
              rock rambunction
              quell rake
warp-wrought-serendipitous ungulate wrack
                            sere sieve sleave pack
conjugate tremor
collectivize lure
                                                                                 clump gristle
from what bellows-frost . . this . .
across what blear belch-gardens these ampouled abecedaria
drizzle-pour               drench-drain               drumlord
                                     word waggle

pebbling the blazing perspicuity of skull

fulminate                             precedent
through the unstrained archipelago of rare lucubrations fur-tumble sessile-lunge the ravening intrepid clench-gorge consummates subterranean gouge

outreach connubiates upbringing
bell wobble wallop storm
cling               dislodgement

Heller Levinson lives in upstate New York.
Linda Lynch lives and works in New Mexico, the American Southwest. She is from a ranching family long established in the solitude of the high Chihuahuan desert, a landscape that has informed her work over three decades.
Text © Heller Levinson / Artwork © Linda Lynch
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