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Daniel Y. Harris The Misprision of Agon Hack (Volume IV, The Posthuman Series) [excerpts]


ASCII code 00 = NULL

In Upper Aurignacian <Class
    man”>carinate, nose scraper—bone
         Code>Agon Hack’s cichlidaens syphon
vestiture from chemiatrics. Lamellar flakes,
(periboli)<xsd:choice maxOccurs= “unbounded”>pits
in pitchstone. His hypsous is part aphyric,

part first person quaero—<pkg>tsDyn</pkg> adds time
series analysis based on dynamical
systems theory. Pleromas,
    then capitellum’s NULL-tolerance
are misidentified as black chert, black flint,
                   jet or glassy slag.

RotatePt_2D <- function(x, y, angle){clinamen,
tessera, kenosis, daemonization, askesis,
apophrades} in greasy soil,
         in burnt bone. Dysaesthesia’s
axehead ensures that no tuple returns false in calcite
and limestone. As heterocarpous (mesh_segment_by_path
(mesh, lms = NULL, path.choice
         =“ridges”), intestines
              spill in thick ropes. Una

muchacha stares decisis—ithyphallic over isogonic
charts—poisons without alexin. Apostasy in kwakiutl
and amphimixis, demands its misprision: Phi =1+2sin 18o

or =1/(2sin 18o ), and Phi = 2cos36opromenade
    architecturale in black manganese, red ochre,
and charcoal. In this prochain, roentgens
(ergon/hodos), serve as patina
for his biface.

ASCII code 01 = SOH

Throw the zigendung’s#‘@param coords
A Nx3 matrix-like object
         containing xyz point coordinates.
Use a Golden Ellipse format: 31310-31B, BO 9480-335,
BD 30864-189 and 1951-293. Counterfoil Agon Hack’s
notaphilists with a misrater—the revanchist
    entreaty (rheum).
         Sine = Opposite ÷ Hypotenuse +
Tararuru = trant. Pinch and coil #’ m.rot = mesh

_orient_by_contour_pca(demoFlake2$lms, demo
Flake2$mesh, npts=100)—his catarrhal fuel. Sturnoids
trap culilibulalas in diaglyphs,
    (penitentialis). In tangent,
gandapalalou import: Matrix (>= 1.2.12),
Morpho (>= 2.5.1), geomorph (>= 3.0.5), pracma
(>= 2.1.1), memoise (>= 1.1.0), nabor (>= 0.4.7),
igraph (>= 1.1.2), Rvcg (>= 0.17), data.table (>= 1.1
    0.4.3), rgl (>= 0.98.22), ggplot2 (>= 2.2.1). Vagina
dentata’s B IS NOT P/D IS NOT T/S IS NOT Z,

valvules its hermeneutica spectacolului. Teonanacatl’s
godman interprets the statute: (kryos/systellein).
    Urnal, or the textualist’s erin a itja
         arbmanakala, deposits a synrift
as defunct pomp. Celtiforms
in petaloid form migrate their colnames
(pca_scores) <- c( “xpts”, “ypts”, “zpts”). Raise
    mendax as an atlatl dart point.

    Spinescence deviates from prior clamants.
This paleo caul is tight in covert’s succession.
N/om [amandla], = pca$rotation))—nips
    diazeuctics, late in Chalcolithica.
Metaxy strikes at Wagadu with fake bloody
worm pathogens: (dodecandria = d <- sqrt

ASCII code 02 = STX

         In conjunction
with Agon Hacks’ pid changes in 13C and 87Sr/86Sr
ratios, omphalos—carnality’s dull spate is res
    <- rbind(res, cbind(p2p.line(c.m_red[1, ],
c.m_red[2, ]), p.c[1, i], with a ceramic hevea.
         Cephalates doff occamy’s (tm.n) <- c
(“xpos.n”, “ypos.n”)—their only corfiote is part

dialyse and part lariat. Terminate the message heading:
qu. Wt, the aeternae veritates? Ans. They vanish
in the ampersand’s petroglyphs. A key
                   caveat jilts
and defaults. Socager—#’ Lithics3D:::l2l
Intersect(Lithics3D:::lineCoefs(l1[1,], l1[2,])—Agon
Hack’s antiphon (lithified diamicts), is brut
misprision. Microcrystalline quartz is mixed
    with calcite. Deploy the curve. Íkunik iwá
         wat’ít’aash (detox)—between usus 
and fructus, Yapok Maxixe’s vitumaga, i-maga. File

a dead ringer’s axis.text.x = element_text(colour =
“black”, size = font_size), for womb and colon
    are one mass. Dz____di silá shi dz____di silá
shi dz____di silá shi (alepsy), its taphonomic status
left for the chief surveyor. Unleash melee,
         here in the fug: (debitage and chips),
GBY Area C 462, lit by umbilical hoses. The weaker
claim is its legitimacy. Dexamphetamine snorts

              or his injuries in conclave,
originate in Area C, Layers V-5 and V-6. Downcast
up—it’s the convex vault’s autochthonic shock.
His teratical bulb is a hominidesque ghost: all_edges
    <- Rvcg::vcgGetEdge(mesh, unique = T)[, 1:2].
         Infest the ragman’s scam—(Cro)—Sb2S3
+ 6 HCl -> 2 SbCl3 + 3 H2S: dorsal coiffure, horned,
with a tectiform sign.

ASCII code 03 = ETX

In Agon Hack’s recursive niche,
box (bon mots),
    the terminal phalanges mesh_tmap_plot
(tmap, font_size, y.label = “PC2 (mm)”, x.label =”,
are demotic yet noble. Establish

a terminus post quem: fry diodes. The lulz—a deviant
style (ullage), its basalt slabs set on his eyrie.
    A single breakage on the distal end
         (hex value 0x03), mIRC uses ETX
as its color character. He recoups the loss novice: dist
(rbind(as.matrix(coords), pt), method=“euclidean”)
# Verify that correct diatomist. Include rocklined
         underground cisterns with corbelled

    roofs. How unique? MtDNA Haplogroup B2:
(saucerian)—B4b subclades, or the repiners riding
polyethylene balloons. Pickaxe the lid’s
         code > span.vs { color: #4070a0; }
/* VerbatimString */all furni: chanologues. Two
charcoal samples (CH 96= ETH-45335;
              CH97= ETH-45336)

    on the stirrup pump are interbedded
with glaciolacustrine shale: (threshold people).
Brocco the Lima Syndrome’s <span class=“co”>#&gt;
    Coordinate input with the lms parameter
is deprecated. Please provide a</span:
vis inertiae is false. Code for the beady
    eye—ETH-45340 A80; C5 CH51 indet.
dicotyl. -521 10030±40 -25.1±1.1 9740-9440/ 9810-937.

   In Bad-Tibira, EN.MEN.LU.AN.NA ruled
43,200 years. As lief, pray for enuma elish
         la nabu shamamu’s gridded<-Lithics3
    D:::addGridInfo(vertexCoords, 0.2, axes=c
(2,3)) # or c( “y”,“z”)—deforms the deiform.

ASCII code 04 = EOT

Humanus ra <- atan(coords_t[nrow(coords_t), 2]
/ coords_t[nrow(coords_t), 1])
         (sahelanthropus tchadensis)—jests
a counter, as stoic as supralexic. Therianthropes,
    complete with meanders, yeild
    for haematite. Agon Hack lips
cruciverbalists if (CurrInterval > 0){p <- (NextLength
         – B[j - 2]) / CurrInterval } else p <- 0.
              From philopatry, the ablative

dead raise encephalization levels. The mortal shock.
Transmission end (tactics, subset). Siret
break in his retrobulbar’s c <- geomorph:
         :digit.curves(start = coords[1, ],
              curve = coords = thermodynamic

    flesh. Hominid semiotics track hacquetons:
vaf = aligned_snp_df.sum(axis=0).sum() / (2.0 *
         not black spoors. Pushback
on Tensorflow—feverfew, on the via negativa
and avoid impulse control. Leptodactyls pursue
    the anons (bonafides). CO = complete flake,
    PFS = proximal flake with a single breakage,
PFM = proximal flake with multiple breakages,
SF = split flake, FT = fragment.

    (::Mongoid::VERSION) >=
(“4.0.0.alpha”)—the uncanny in its subterrane.
         Overhear, click autopilot, how (confab)
              overfamiliar are the genistas.

Afflict their curls—(divine stress): INVENTION.
a) xiphiplastrons, b) pancratians, c) cibachromers,
d) phylloxerians. Here are the mole
              tones, spagyric tocher
         under a lich gate (serotaxonomy).

ASCII code 05 = ENQ

    Agon Hack’s dyadic foil @
    @ -5,7 +5,7 @@ var app = angular.module
(‘mdbApp’,[“ngResource”, “ngRoute”,
“ui.bootstrap”])—is syzygetic. His mixture
ratio E = mLox/mCH4 is between 0.31 and 0.43.

    Joke, ha ROAR, veneris: (Classical) IPA(key):
 /‘, [‘]—decommissions
the hive, knotted at the double helix. Reredo
(:twitter, :secret, ‘XpbeSdCoaKSmQGSeokz5qcUAT
ClRW5u08QWNfv71N8’) and cease the spur.
              Then thrash the squeals.
                        Spiel the less.

    Forebulbs enter stasis. Undershaft (synanthic),
his requital by chance, or retrofit Homo
Neanderthalensis with IUPAC ID: (RS)-1-(Benzo
              pentan-1-one. A black loop
in a central stalk (slurp (io/resource “uncomplicate/
neanderthal/internal/device/opencl/”))]—in room 641A,
              dons his coelacanth body.

Didunculai compile killbutchery blages below
volcanic tephra. Unction has its proffer,
but only 20-25 cm thick
    in the downslope (goatse). ENQ
transmits WRU. It’s his hoaxer role. Charspit
or campylobacteriosis—here’s brain carvery.

From hexaplarics, the rotunda’s dorters
         (defn clblast-double [ctx queue]),
              extract his red semen.
    Reerect lithic LOLers—incisions antedate
dysphemics, survive in mineral veins.

ASCII code 06 = ACK

Vex the acrostic, less trust
in repose: Anon’s with-release
    prog (compile! (program src)
[“-DREAL=float” “-DACCUMULATOR=float”]],
is default clavis (“key”), clavus (“nail, peg”), claustra
    (“dam, wall, barricade, stronghold”)—no
numbers are given for crania or vertebrae.

Agon Hack’s proximal humerus, innominate,
    and proximal tibia are less common
         diapyetics. Tongues wear
    lipstick: const int gid_0 = blockIdx.x *
              lockDim.x + threadIdx.x.

There’s a necroscope in his anus. Violent discharge
         plays the petri dish for prank,
    yield coefficients for BMD (rs = 0.5448)
                   and FUI (rs = -0.3548).

    Kampf des Alten und des Neuen’s zero-width
nonjoiner plumes a creatrix. ACK is pinguefied,
then held captive, cogent, its left distal
         radii replete
    with 5 unfused ends. He spelunks
    the rogue aesni1xm128i_key_t& operator
         =(const aesni1xm128i_ukey_t& uk)
{in no way proslambanomenos—in the breccia block.}

He secretes exotic polyglotticai. DNA from skulls:
palaeoproteomics’ AES_encrypt((const unsigned
char*)&ctr.v[0], (unsigned char *)
              &ret.v[0], &key.k)—defame
    sneak. Chiasmus, an X or V-shaped design’s
         u4ea, has its claw in civility. Empty
         the afflatus. It’s white shiny (even glassy
         or hyaline) with a single
                   rectangular band.

Daniel Y. Harris is the author of numerous collections of xperimental writing. His Posthuman Series includes The Reincarnation of Anna Phylactic (BlazeVOX, 2019), Volume III, The Tryst of Thetica Zorg (BlazeVOX, 2018), Volume II and The Rapture of Eddy Daemon (BlazeVOX, 2016), Volume I. His collections include The Underworld of Lesser Degrees (NYQ Books, 2015) and Hyperlinks of Anxiety (Cervená Barva Press, 2013). He holds an M.Div from The University of Chicago and is publisher of X-Peri.
issue was guest-edited by Heller Levinson.
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