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Heller Levinson Lurk

Lurk Considered
Blitzed by combinatorial additives, categorical comprehensives, & other assorted technological tyrannies, Lurk akins Seep in the resistance, in seeking to recapture a fading humanity in the twilight of our disrepair.
Lurk, in the manner of cunning, as shadow-caster, unobservable, stealth driven, is uniquely qualified to elude the overly rationalistic, big brother, readily accessible hyper reductive sclerosis plaguing our days.
Lurk, along with seep, meander, linger, lost, askew, errancy, lure, breach, bewilder, baffle, trespass, lapse, pause, stutter, stray & others, are the Freedom Fighters of today.

lurk exacerbates
aches                             purplelongbrood
the brood upon depths the brood,
swells, . . .
                                                        gloom gland
                                                        motile bruise
spigot spurn latch worn axial scuttle leak ligature frail numeral perforate bellows flexion moan
blank bounty
canister canker


lurk gloom brooding
phosphor atlatl protraction smear
                                                  —dank driven
                            ,      mottle     ,     drain drudge
lips shuttered obliquitous in
primal conveyance, that strained

filtered for
careless-ness, for
racks of


lurk in a manner of forum
tribunal prelude               fume sapient fo-
ment               predication
parts correlate singe seal transpire rhizo-
matic neume unnerve
gleam glissade
visibility punctuates pellucid independent of scholarship
glare recesses
the healed adumbrate

lurk in subagent prowl
guttural grind ground                       groan gestate
        crepitate crawl         lateral lactate
                            shirr innuendo
sheave hunch
detangling hive
cleave clairvoyant

lurk in the company of sinister
abrade                             struck aubade
              gall wither
whetstone curved no longer garrulous
chopped larcenies split the curb
planning for holidays
rumors seek flotation the seats are
all taken

in the company of remorse
stalled withers                       desecrated pinion
                      lopped atavism

a place in the sun

Lurk Like Handwritten Love Letter
papyrus squeeze               oceanic foment pen plankton burble
intoning from subterranean tremor,
                                                                pinched excruciation,
lamentation stall, . . .
                            to render,
                                        to gut-tune
squall tanzanite ink   splay your surfaces   host pries commandoes

transport (“Nothing leaps from one location in space to another without something transporting it.”) through the force fields of deprivation, to unburden the corruption of distance, the sotted pentameter of isolation,
                                                                        raked purlieu,
                                                                rasp conjunction,
overtures in the key of compost,
prehension as past participle, fresh wardrobes
                                        undulate off-shore, . . .
drizzling through the selvage of seal

salvation of

lurk rebukes skirmish
details soft entry, the fortitude
of furtive,
reappraises brute, sharp angles, the
uniquely visible,

interstitial,         prowl,          invitational
abeyances,                                     the

phantom fraternity

Heller Levinson lives in upstate New York.
The pieces appearing here are in Lurk, published by Black Widow Press (early 2021).
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