Jacques Demarcq the stein, the joyce

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the stein
                 Gallina gastronomica

Alice sings in her kitchen

pheasant and chicken a chick
would it be a pleasant third
a slick cheeky cheeping bird
just picking her for a week

(and chickadee what is it)

a cheap dirty word alas
some poultry Girtie ordered
absurdly I got disturbed
by a sturdy quick mishmash

(chickadee’s a little tit)

suppose that is my pigeon
does it burst in a meeting
cooing billing and cooking
supper for callipygian

(tickling lovely tits or quit)


the joyce
                 Branta polyglotta

Nora sings in the streets of Paris

O when I bloody pine for you
whose pen is is is o late
a quill equally should be straight

(quill equally guili-guili)

having your lines I get on the queue
just wet waiting a bit for a bite

(bit for a bite and prick for prize)

but I cunt find the Joyce on
the verge of this lone con game
so Stein button stays stone

(the verge aside into be conned)

hardy birdy as dare my hand
this finger game’s not very God

(Nor a goody Barnacle goose-d)

                                                         with Rachel Stella, 2004

This material is © Jacques Demarcq

Extrait de Les Zozios, à paraître.

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