Heller Levinson Five Poems

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moving to.      moving to & fro.      motion.      the whirl of kin.      kinship.      with blockage.      bums rush.      a disarray.      dislocation.      a failure to.      to connect.      to move.      a damming up.      a conviviality deficit.      at a time like this.      in the face of.      cure.      my cure.      the music shop.      to the music.      street.      go to the music street.      to regain.      to facilitate.      to eke.      to eke out.      a survival mechanism.      a way of contend to.      contend.      to kin with.      instruments.      camaraderie.      a saxophone.      guitar.      drum.      cowbell.      violin.      viola.      something about.      the instrument.      that fetches.      casts a spell.      a bond.      bonding ally alloy alignment.      brings alignment.      retrieves a state of.      grace.      gracious.      gracious.      ness.      provides a comfort a comfort an instrument reeks.      comforter.      wood metal plastic brass.      shapes curvatures.      carvings.      inclinations & intentions.      toots & wallops.      casting blending silver heating rolling cycles.      cymbalology.      friendship & dramaturgy.      constitution reconstituting constituents.      home.      hominess.      coming home.      simply the sight of.      them.      reordering.      shivering.      sounding.      through windows.

Install Updates

with crass lobotomy scratch this footage
      salvation      comfort      comforter
reconfigure      configure      posture      appropriate://appropriation      appreciation      exploitation      update      upward      toward      utopia
Install Now      Remind Me Later      Don’t Install
installation input inin invasion-in      a bestiality of sorts      hard drive      incre
mentalisms      action required      maintenance      florescence evermore forestall nevermore checking for the latest      if not now when      then      in absolution      quicken      bewitchment      betwixt      program not responding      end now      shutting down      send don’t send      change a setting      add a program      inititializing      learn more at      click on
loading      loadin up      lodestar      polestar      pollster      instilling/installing      bestir
bestirment      internment      impertinent      perfunctory      shorthand      1 of 3      reliability
last scan report      visionary      medicine man      ceremonials
Control panel
Installation Complete


crass lobotomy scratch this footage
persiflage precipitous persecute perilous no purr chary windup purse
      ,      clang
the length of demonstrative distance
to slumber slender then climb a number to put you there
to get you there the get is as good as a got the put
you get is the give you got if you good
from novelty this slant the incline
an early stage recognition system a
sli(ght)de to insight to deterministic wayfaring a way to pay if you play your way sliding into
revelation convenience conveyance convex convexity the knowing
bells like this arguably the shortest route
& why meander when
much proposals butt so rake
at stake


the string of the violin calling for air
intake      catch      callow              curving scimitar
Pythagorean scrambler —     cuirass cuvette cummerbund wind cue cuninculus cut the curtain call               comeuppance
escape a lark the devilish turn a dandy do opening night
to pitch the pot pinch the purse distraught the plug display the curse ......
recalcitrance romance rehearse desert the pack ... rummage ... rummage,,,
plumage scrimmage spirits skirmish
the ball’s in play relish
lay-a-way pay as you float remote a boat a goat a tote smote the ensemble heigh-ho alevio
heave from away
we go

in the outlaw of crow

                            escape artists
              flight wizards
                                  bunk buddyin barrelhouse buzzardry
                            go for


outlaw shoulders sprout crow wing
crow sports stetson pistol packs
crow on shoulder of outlaw
outlaw light with crow
lights toward town

lumbering formulations
black beaks spell the vocals
drizzle patterns

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