Will Alexander On Solar Physiology (selection)

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… over 99 per cent of the indigenous population, are untouched by the culture of the colonial power.
— Amílcar Cabral

Despite the impressive technological advancement of modern Western man relative to to his own history, he ranks far behind the Ancient African people of KMT (Egypt) both technologically and spiritually. Part of the reason for this mental devolution is the limited conception of human potential that one finds in Western science.
— Na'im Akbar

“ I
of the electrocuted hamlets of the
transfigured remnant
of inclement nostrums
subsumed by swirling electron soils

I work by means of solar isolation
by means of combustive subsonic
by means of cryptic soma & bird

trying to yield by figments
a world beyond eras
a world with inter-magnetic hydroxyl
commingling with outer suns
with the electrical motion of distance through alterity

& it is because of this distance
that I've been claimed by the ambiguous
by dynamic hesitations
being both kinetic & counter-kinetic
by a cathartics which rises through sub-fervour & vacuum

I've hovered within uncountable disorder
yet I've flown like a bird
from stunning iguana transposures
by blood type channelling through strange charisma & error

I've never been able to reason from induction
or held my mind
point by point
according to mechanics
accrued from traumatic incendiary counting

my difference
understanding the equator as absence of mass
outside the realm of fecundity as abstraction
as if
absorbing by means of supra-physical infusion

because I sometimes waver in my gait
I am accused of being flawed
of being a curious sub-celestial avian
unable to fly or descend
according to tenets
which focus themselves through universal reason

I am not of the conscious body
I am focused by the osmotic planes
by riddling anoas
by levels known in certain parts of the world as Aesopian issue

by mingling in private
I've come to know certain aspects of being
through trans-rooted fields
through roots & wharves of vertigo
through imploded species of deer
& the political subsets
& the random holograms of speaking
is where the Sun oneirically swims
where the Galaxy intrinsically lights & suggests

this being
my Shaman's biographics
the oneiric glass in the genes
sometimes stumbling in a shaken vitreous house
peering through a porthole of integers
as if the numbers were formed by an unbalanced wheat
or an interior chart burning with a folio of

the rhetoric of the Sun
associational gulfs
empowering my soma
as a charged uranian warren

not a warren predictable
as ideology or mist
but as resonance
as a relay of bells
over vast projections beyond limit

& this limit
being nothing other than the consciousness of limit
of thinking of itself
within prediction of that limit

they being limit as being
& projected limit as being

therefore I exist
as numerology as circle
as a combined 4 suns
being a great astrology of rivers

& these suns & rivers
by breathing
by gnomic scattering & burning
create by magnification
momentums of tension
a-positional soils
summoning codes beyond cellular inculcation

because I have only been judged by limit
by a culminate fragmentation
I remain obscure
by exterior determination
by untoward utility
as imprisoning mode
no longer of the overtone
of the Galaxy as living obscurity

I'm thinking
of the common obscurity of eras
as figment
the monological steam of the Permian
partaking of the fire before the Earth was settled

this becomes a curious fragmentary solace
a mode
a discipline
an energy

being a singer
in a hostile ozone field
I've come to terms with gregarious isolation
with tumult within various salts within the horizon

I am without definitives
without the dictums which sculpt the categorical
I seem de-energized
as possibility
as enigma
as stray

as that which transmutes an abstract catharsis

so as molecule
as sum by conscious numbering
I am placed in this or that projection
as a-priori plaintiff
as precarious ideology

I no longer bicker with my own bereftness
crafting myself
by judgmental folly
by a self-writhing plot
by sacrilegious determination

my biology functions
I've been given the craft of breathing
& at times
I monitor waves in my system

not in the sense of counting or declamation
but as precipitates
as trance
as a solar lake & its sigils

these being waves which flow from the soma
like a hatching of novas
or a butane operatics

I am not of the order of hives
or buffeted within neurotic changeling hectares
which then dissolve through forces which dwell
in extrinsic illusion

because I am immersed
in the counting of “Upper & Lower Egypt”
I know the expansion of the Sumerian Sun
being active in entry through Mayan stellar portals

which means
I am connected to the human solar centre

& it is this solar centre
which articulates
which animates the soma
to the powers which dwell
in the galactic central furnace

which issue
as resonant psychic fuels
as coruscating stamina
& each species being part of this stamina
for instance
the ants
revealing themselves in depths of psychic
being citric metamorphics
engaged in rhetoric beyond the potentia of
human flare or quanta

all the levels re-conveyed
& drowned & re-ignited
within a havoc of instants
within 3 billion sums
acting as reverse rotation

this being the algebra
of primeval protozoans
within the flank of fiery Brachiopods
within the forms of odoriferous stellar algae

I speak
through inverted hagiography
on the varying utility of particles
inscripting laments as a scorching motility
as a sand which crosses junctures
sired in the ethers
as continuous heliopause

this is minus the politics of the ozone
which raises subverted dust inversions
dissolved as blank electrical waste
as events which hover as omnivorous horizons

now as bird & proto-bird
again as blank conducting principle
I come to language
as interior diorama
swimming as a form through seasonless upper darkness
this being the ether at the pole
touching on the nearest vertical light

being cobalt in the conscious mind
being the symbol of eagles
diving through subsurface anopsias

these being the inner levels
the fields within fields

these being the curious cycles
of ethers
& suns
& kings
& blue tornadoes as bodies
being transpicuous fuels
through the magical inhalation of the Sun

this is the way the Sun breathes
this is the way that the seminal unfolds

my body
being fractal in rotation
remains alive by ophthalmology
by audition
by schists which rotate as carbon

I am called by some
Aguirre de dos Santos
the seeming avian
at the interdimensional as crossroads
where the cells seem blinded
where the thoughts seem dazed by ceasing to

I could easily speak of the birds of Mozambique
or of the winds that burn in the eastern Sahara

my skin seemingly brewed by Angola & Brazil
by schisms which generate angles & currents
by the fjords of the moon which collide
& magically structure the invincible

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