Crunchtime 7

Whether the blackness is interior, say, connecting the tissue pelagic and vegetal here, organic and intestinal here, semi-crystalline, or is itself the surround (we see through and into) for an x-ray shapeliness of globes spangled with lampyrid glow, macular stars, an airy and striate foliation nowhere stricked-off level.

The shapes are white as tissue? Gauze?
No, they are transparent and white.
They are membranous?
They are milky.
And the vertical thrust of their entanglement?
Shows they have coalesced under the influence.

And then the whispery
impression came
along bolted
to a sheeted scullion
like a cross
between decorative and too
silent in one recollection of
softness, cautiously
at my eye.

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Image © Michael Flomen / Text © Forrest Gander | © alligator 2010