Michael McClure & Terry Riley

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All the elements were there…. Opening vast spaces for voice and music to spiral up the Buddha Column. —Terry Riley
What I hear in "I LIKE YOUR EYES LIBERTY" is the fledging and shedding of souls as they are created — and the movement from man-language and man-music to the melody in our dark dumb brilliant wise silent flesh. —Michael McClure

Doorways, the piece issued here by Alligatorzine, is a track from the album I Like Your Eyes Liberty (Sri Moonshine 002, 2004). This collaboration by poet Michael McClure and musician Terry Riley recorded at the Sri Moonshine Ranch (2003-2004) features the mesmerizing voice of McClure on his own Plum Stones: Cartoons of No Heaven and Ghost Tantras. Riley creates a spellbinding counterpart on his Yamaha Midi Grand Piano, improvising an effortless undulating sound current which sensuously embraces the rich imagery. A real marriage of two masters of psychedelia.

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