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Will Alexander Two Poems from Texas Blind Salamander Feelings

White Phantasmal Stretchings

This potency, this glow of origins, this flash of firery charismatics, being hair storm meteors, emerging from deeper worm trigger darkness, being an epileptic triangulation of ethers, casting spells, amidst Annubic gamma ray mandibles, projected through ghostly arcane scarlet of the emptied skeletal body, not unlike burning coronas, not unlike oracular forms spun from velvet hurricane registration, like saffron blowing from empty soothsayer's windows, being the kindled gold veins of the invisible, being the starry graphite of elliptical lotus concentration, being a great Islamic pilot light of sufistic casidas, they being the optic mouth of angelic geysers, they being riddles from mirrors of diamond and jade, they being conveyance of rapid crystalline reflection, as spontaneous Byzantine whirring, as the miraculous power of conjunctive rainbow edicts, casting spells from fabulous cerulean jasper, with all vortical motion gone blank, emitted across the sky as white phantasmal stretchings

Texas Blind Salamander Feelings

Its sonar glowing
its eyes
inverted aphid's scrolls
having taken on the tenor of nautical -turpentine sparks
creeping reptilian polyps
being sulphur as in-lunation
not unlike flameless snow fields re-inverting
being the dialectical polarity
of magma
being molten underground intarsias
their movement
not unlike the wind from a primitive whispering axe

one thinks of the electro-chimerical firing of axons
of open optical annihilation pulsing through phantoms of emptiness

again one thinks of deserted centaur colonies
of hidden retinal satin
of juniper vines distorted as ionized cometary hair

the latter being an abstract fovea
invisible cortical cells
akin to their liquifous genes
to the rote that moves through their strange genetic calliope

this being sight
not unlike prophecy
or shapeless bells in the mirror of the skin catching fire as somnific vibration
as Antarctic anaemia
like the Irminger current
or the deep barbarian steam within rubies

& the opera
inside its flesh shapes
a strange refractive iodine gone missing

Will Alexander. Poet, novelist, essayist, philosopher, aphorist, playwright, visual artist, pianist, he is author of 30 collections of writing in the above mentioned genres. He is both a Whiting Fellow,California Arts Council Fellow, as well as recipient of a PEN Oakland Award, an American Book Award, and winner of the 2016 Jackson Prize for poetry.
This couple of pieces comes from a never before printed second book entitled Texas Blind Salamander Feelings. The book has been heavily influenced by Matta and abstract painting.
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