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Heller Levinson & Linda Lynch Thorned Landscape

tenebraed to a
Thorned Landscape
                                                        barbed fumarole
to atrocity sprigs spraying irradiated rampage-rain
a smolder soused in Armageddon
a solder smoldering

I walk the children down the valley for morning prayers. Our passage is blocked by the faceless & torn.
We return the way we came.

comatose lullaby
accumulative maw
sizzling viper bellies rot the corridors, skirt perimeters, practice venom-conservation, prepare for unilateral stabs while eviscerate crows glob hackneyed asphalt
crimson craws the land

“Can’t you see how tender I am,” Themistocles responded.

astern-yank-debris models untethered adumbrations, oscillative chelae crunch toward Bethlehem
   — polyp glyphs
   — churl geyser
   — fetid tarantula
   — dredge-cur
   — the defined encases the suds of the ill-defined

griddling in the abracadabra of possum tooth, of a
cannibalistic fusion,
vexed carcasses spleen these ash-gory days of diminutive sleight,
hurl reams
of necrotic dawns

Heller Levinson’s books include Wrack Lariat, from stone this running, Smelling Mary, and Toxicity: Poems of the Coconut Vulva. Levinson’s poems and writings have appeared in hundreds of journals and literary outlets around the world. The originator of Hinge Theory, he lives in New York where he studies animal behavior. The above poem appears in his forthcoming book from Black Widow Press — tenebraed.
Linda Lynch lives and works in New Mexico. She is a native of West Texas from a ranching family long established in the solitude of the high Chihuahuan Desert, a landscape that has informed her work over three decades. While based in New Mexico, Lynch travels frequently pursuing issues of landscape, identity, and abstraction long established in her works on paper.
Text © Heller Levinson / Artwork © Linda Lynch
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