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Will Alexander New Work

Random Philosophical Instigation

Do Protestant congregations promote rituals for the dead?

Why did Goethe and Synge understand kinetics to be anathetical to the Occident?

How does taking one's given for granted imperil psychic bending as radicalized suggestion?

Has racial perdition been inflamed by the Occidental philosophical colony?

Can an amalgam of sound be a sculpted from a tin colored harp as a masquerade that spins?

As delimited beings can we possibly oversee suggestion?

Primal  Notation

Because the Sun exudes its blazes as riddles 
there exists an optimum gestation via its protracted bending by rays via magical translocation 
as alien 
to other climates & planes 
according to feral distribution

Current As Proto-Causality
        (fragment from Anterior Wattage)

Not some cognitive philosophical assessment attacking higher ignition of the self as it attempts to make its case for conviction according to narrowed finding as law engaged in what amounts to an anonymous swatch of eclipsed findings. Yet because we seem to persist within a baffling random field we are constantly subjected to bewildering psychic dust that kindles what I understand to be primordial obturation. Perhaps this obturation condones plenitude via arson and metrics. The former term igniting in me a double agenda, one that empowers the need to unsculpt the given, to make its basic criteria no longer visible according to confinement, while at another level creating liberty that ceases to confine captivation unto itself via poltergeists and scorpions. And these latter two invisibilities are not unlike those drafted by the late great Mexican visual artist Francisco Toledo. On this plane reality remains conjured by apparition, by that which evokes an inward yet haunted liberation filled with sensation sans boundary as entomology, thus the impalpable wafts from sonics that fills the universe through fumes that cast themselves from a grammar that is alive via liberation. Never laws that enact regression, but as apparitions of static capable of being transmuted. A field possessed by curious anti-kindling, not debility as such, but erupting outer states that conjoin with inner phantoms.

These phantoms being energy that translate to blazeless inner states, perhaps meta-fire if you will, a transmuted grammar not infected by angst nor by external sonics that convert themselves to the realm that exists as troubling neutrality, not according to the grammar of decimals, but according to soundless frequency. Not as gross statistical narrative sonically registered but as magical forms that susurrate beyond the human habitat.

So how does one regulate and tap into the wavelength that compels as bodiless grammar? A grammar perhaps part approximation, and part empirical nuance that shifts and forecasts an elliptical transmission of carbon as it passes through and beyond recognizable form. And I am not speaking of incidentals but of the principal state that is life, death, property that attempts to simulate origin. Of course there exists within the human subtext the energy that is crime, but of course to the empirical eye there exists the digital grammar that fails to detect electrical shadows, pigments of the uncanny  that complicates as energy seemingly unveiled its power as a form of spirit that ignites the slate that we human understand to be human possession. This being not the measured accuracy of sharks or of arrows but of riddles that subsume themselves and re-arise from the uncanny.

Never can outer law generate power from the proto-plane via conundrums and ciphers as they blaze and settle into mist, this latter power being law over and beyond vibrational theory that fuses together lands via astronomers who incrementally inscribe suns. Then one can truly thrive via inner listening when search for inner power truly broaches a sanctum that attempts to ignite its coils according to rule by visible number. Such visibility fails to subsist as a universal index that truly defines phantoms yet matter as defined by the Occident to be particularly non-resonant, being classified fortress fixed via hardened symbols. They being symbols that are classified as boulevards yet remain as seemingly static forms for vehicular transmission not seemingly static as plows or pulleys only assessed as axis by measurement. These roadways being power that remain in-elastic that modern law condones as owned property. It can only be scansion by millimeter failing to take into account the powers that spin and erupt according to energy that hails from the meta-plane. This is where solemn thinking and judgement fails to ignite itself therefore it naturally erodes within itself and becomes nothing other than gross or palpable scripting. One then thinks of a glossary of gross tremors or voids not of dazzling incidents that can never be measured. Thus the impalpable becomes a blur of qualities active on other planes as invisible transmitters. Perhaps one can conjure by micro- invisibility according to transmission by transparent owls or elves. Thus, the latter energy lending itself to the laws of vacuums where symbols tremble and seemingly disappear as if they were octagons of floating embers suspended above the a-vehicular plane. Thus all such measurement remains proto to itself where micrometers fail to enter palpable portals of existence. This is where matter vapourises and reappears being at odds with itself. This being the scale that extends as proto-magnitude, where it combusts via the seeming frailty endemic to infinity that exists via uncountable mazes where every fragment symbolizes its own meticulous current as proto-causality.

Will Alexander. Poet, novelist, essayist, playwright, aphorist, visual artist, pianist, whose latest work The Combustion Cycle combines the unified phases of global shamanism. Currently he is poet-in-residence at Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center in Venice California. He resides in Los Angeles.
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