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Adeena Karasick Ouvert Oeuvre: Openings (chapter IV)
visualized by Warren Lehrer

Adeena Karasick is a New York poet, performer, cultural theorist and media artist and the author of 12 books of poetry and poetics. Most recently is Checking In (Talonbooks, 2018) and Salomé: Woman of Valor (University of Padova Press, Italy, 2017), Salomé: Woman of Valor CD, NuJu Records, 2020, and Salomé Birangona, Bengali translation, Boibhashik Prokashoni Press, Kolkata, 2020. Forthcoming is Massaging the Medium: 7 Pechakuchas from The Institute of General Semantics Press: Language in Action and Ærotomania: The Book of Lumenations.
Warren Lehrer is a writer and visual artist known as a “pioneer of visual literature and design authorship.” His books include: A Life in Books: The Rise and Fall of Bleu Mobley (Goff Books); Five Oceans in a Teaspoon with Dennis J Bernstein (Paper Crown Press); Crossing the BLVD: strangers, neighbors, aliens in a New America (W.W. Norton) with Judith Sloan; The Portrait Series (four book series, Bay Press); GRRRHHHHH: a study of social patterns (Center for Editions) with Sandra Brownlee and Dennis Bernstein; FRENCH FRIES with Dennis Bernstein (VSW Press); i mean you know (VSW), and versations (EarSay). He is currently completing TRACE: A Surveilled Novel.
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