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Heller Levinson & Linda Lynch Pronghorn Baffle

bevel baffle warren ditch
omnibus –
                    bud or eclipse?
bereaved element dangling in vortex flush
assailed by the lunge-craft of chasm, the
                                    skirmish convolute bruise

chafe-hastening solemn drawls slake
through conifer, fossilized reef, the
dizzying sweep of the Guadalupe Mountains,

hoist, barometric bellow,
puncture the wisdom of retrofitted water, chase the flame of a faraway scripture,
herd the Chihuahuan desert sough, the reprisals,
cousin the wraith, the marled purse, the
fox-raven, — hybrids malcontent with

the unremitting wrenchdragon preposterous

Heller Levinson’s most recent books are Lure, and jus' sayn'. His Query Caboodle and Shift Gristle (Black Widow Press) are scheduled for a Spring 2023 release.
Linda Lynch lives and works in New Mexico. She is a native of far west Texas from a ranching family long established in the solitude of the high Chihuahuan desert, a landscape that has informed her work over decades. After earning a BFA in drawing and printmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute she lived and worked in New York City, Mexico, and Africa. While based in New Mexico Lynch travels frequently, pursuing issues of landscape, identity, and abstraction long established in her works on paper.
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