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Will Alexander Despicable Anomalies

Modern Society as Protracted Concavity

Modern society remains eclipsed within itself according to its foundational mayhem according to its flooding by opacity. Certainly none other than self-vilified occlusional uttering. It's psychic geology reacts to self-occluded myrioramas with its dossier of plagiarized repetition spellbound by its own miasma. Thus a dossier chronic with minuses always downardly blazing so that its clotting condenses all the while reeling with damnation. Because it can only sire itself through mumbling it tumbles down an exploded gradient. Perhaps at times a summons from ferocious clandestine inferno etched within its own cataclysm. 

In essence, an exploded astrology with none of its seeming givens capable of summoning themselves to themselves. An isolate species, an abstracted paralleogram, not unlike God that utters as pre-conclusive mumbling. The dialectic of an organic diagram it sustains itself as a useless moniker of fatigue. Thus it has become a conscripted moniker of fatigue, a haunted emblematic that attempts to sire its irremedial gesture thereby seizing itself into an isolate accrual of itself seizing its own diameter. This is how attempt seeks its own rigidity  as belief so that it prompt itself so as to spontaneously explode providing itself according to a condensed multiple reasoning. This being animosity according to terror in relation to its isolate collapse. 

Therefore it remains confused as it attempts self-ingendered wisdom, it remains none other than a mongrel bulletin blinding itself according to its own generic wizeneding so that it parallels its own distinctive blinding, while at all moments blinding itself, hounding its own transmission of itself, thereby relating to its seeming auto-immunity shadowed by its tenor of self-ailment. Because it seems to dazzle itself so strongly its germinates its substance as bait being dystopian breath by paranoia, attempting to scale its own darkened gargantuan gradient. This remains akin to blinded diagnosis where increasing ailment by fatigue remains spellbound by inner disempowerment. What makes the issue so confusing is that fragments of isolate health persist even as its diagnosis tends to render tendency after tendency replete with implied eruption as surcease. 

As for time scale as diagnosis no precise date is conscripted and brought to bear. No precipitous blinding registers as to its prone fatality as plummeting. As for its accusatory drill it remains perpetual, susurrous embellished by a kind of habitual sensing. It's shadow appears in the blinding darkness of itself. The latter being non-other than circular reasoning. This remains a cascading spell replete with confusion while remaing embroiled in the mimicking of its own protracted earth-mark even as it surveys uncountable galaxies. It remains a statistical culture that constantly gambles by means of its own hubris. Because of this it gambles by way of self-protracted concavity.

Failed Chronology As Blindness

Because the human body has been crucially aligned to its evidentiary molecules it descends and fails to connect with its own essential property that is water. Without land as its transitional habitat it now faces the overwhelming property of its adaptive transmutation. As it ceases to adapt to this transmutation it ceases to extend itself within transitional charisma. The perpetual populace within Yangon or within the existential nervousness that is Pakistan now seems now at failing to negotiate the cosmic state of its oceanic barrier. 

Faced with cognitively sketching the necessitous barrier that possibly expands the greater charisma of an eon its existential persistence seems no more than history as a peripheral condition, as failed chronology by blindness. As it bickers with itself via disclaimer its psychic scale ripples within its foretold determination based upon error as suggestibility. Let me paraphrase this psychic monoculture always failing to see outside itself. It continues to drone as noise ridden propulsion of itself constantly thrashing within its own animal charisma. As for evolved psychic mechanics it fails to procure the slightest evolution that foretells higher possibility as probable ether. What exists in the main being failure as generalized coping trapped within its noisy addiction to itself pointing to pre-claimed scope of murals failing to acknowledge its any fecund alternative. Therefore it can only broker dormant facades, geriatric renderings of itself, while remaining generically brumous attempting to scale the persistence of its own danger. Perhaps one can scale this according to persistent claustrophobia, plagued by spells derived from in-fortuitous aurality. What results is a schismatic psychic wandering. 

Near the end of his life Octavio Paz once put it that this darkened condition made the fall of the Romans was nothing other than a dress rehearsal. I can only sum our present state as a dangerous sterility. An existential blinding at best protracted across procedural hoaxes. The latter being none other than climatic temperature sans its own reckoning. Trapped by its corrupted aural boundary it fails to register its own scismatic wandering. Bewilderment as general deafening, as if sound were channeled via withered spoons in a closet, reaching out to starlight as a form of withered fractions. This parallels its own distracted blinding, it's shifts into distracted self-hounding. Generally a confused tale that relates to auto-immune disorder that confusedly tenors self-ailment. A memoir that germinates a dystopian or gargantuan gradient. This being a foreshortened dystopian instigation, a complicated fore-grounded writhing lurking with all manner of self-insult with its diagnostic inflamed by in-grown disease spellbound by its own disempowerment literally persisting off ciphers. An auto-diagnossis inflamed disruption according to torrential surcease 

This being general diagnosis replete with its own approaching deafening, by means of its own accusatory remarks as it attempts to glisten its wares by means of empirical self-deafening. Never self-sufficient to itself it appears as darkened blindness to itself. The latter being non-other than circular reasoning to itself. The latter resulting in a cascade of confusion, posited as embrangled self-utterance partially mimicking its protracted confusion.

Will Alexander. Poet, novelist, essayist, playwright, aphorist, visual artist, pianist, whose latest work The Combustion Cycle combines the unified phases of global shamanism. Currently he is poet-in-residence at Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center in Venice California. He resides in Los Angeles.
Two essays from Despicable Anomalies, a collection of small essays in the making.
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